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BloodRayne [Set #2]
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  Genre : Action  
Last update: 05/31/2014   Year : 2002  
Source: Chordian  Franchise : BloodRayne  


L0: Training
L1: Sanctuary
L2: City of the Dead
L3: Ghetto
L4: Town Hall
L5: The Hill
L6: The Beauregard House
L7: Colonial Power
L8: City of the Dead
L9: Old Town
L10: Queen of the Underworld
A1: Infiltration and Execution
A2: The Docks
A3: Communications Breakdown
A4: Thule Chapel
A5: Communications Breakdown
A6: The Barracks
A7: Lurking Underground
A8: Death's Quarters
A9: Hell Hall
A10: The Laboratory
A11: Hell Hall
A12: The Mill Mile
A13: Deep
A14: Deeper
A15: The Temple
A16: Temple Internal
A17: Temple Guardians
A18: Daemite Chamber
A19: Dante's Inferno
A20: Walls of Jericho
G1: Emden U-Boat Station
G2: Red Summit
G3: Old Gaustadt
G4: Unholy Mecha
G5: Teachers and Traitors
G6: Nightfall
G7: Courtyard
G8: The Windmill
G9: The Bridge
G10: Doppelgänger
G11: Of Wulfs and Demons
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Default folder : Bloodrayne\savegame\
Language : English
Difficulty level : Normal
Version of the game : 1.1
Third party software : -
Chordian - - LTF Abandonware France
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